The main objectives of the Chamber's activity are the following:

  • to represent the fund management companies;
  • to support the development of the fund management companies in Poland;
  • to promote the knowledge on investment funds;
  • to develop and improve the professional ethics of specialists dealing with investment fund management.

The main objectives of the Chamber are carried out, mainly by:

  • preparing analyses and evaluation of legal projects and other regulations of importance to the fund management companies and capital market institutions that cooperate with them;
  • participating in work on investment funds and capital market, prepared by counseling and consulting institutions;
  • organizing meetings and conferences on current problems related to the operation of investment funds;
  • gathering and promoting information dealing with the situation on the investment fund market;
  • developing and improving the professional ethics of specialists, investors and people professionally connected with the investment instrument market in Poland;
  • supporting the development process of the capital market, economic activity and transformation of Polish financial regulations;
  • gathering and promoting information about the members of the Chamber and their activity in Poland and abroad.