Main goals of the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management are:

  • representation of the investment fund companies environment,
  • support for the investment fund companies in Poland,
  • popularization of knowledge on investment funds,
  • development of principles of the professional ethics for professionals related with investment funds and their management.
  • examinations and expert reports regarding legislation drafts and other regulations having an impact on investment fund companies and cooperating institutions from the capital market,
  • participation in works carried out by opinion making institutions regarding investment funds and capital market,
  • arrangement of meetings and conferences focused on operations of the investment funds,
  • gathering and popularization of information concerning situation on the investment funds market,
  • preparation and development of principles of professional ethics for specialists, investors and persons, who are professionally connected with investment instruments markets in Poland,
  • support for the capital market development, economic operation and transformation of Polish finances law,
  • collecting and popularization of information on members of the Chamber in Poland and abroad.
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